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Terms Of Services
Everything is free when you download from this site.You may keep a download anything (songs,apps,games,images,tones,pc zone,themes,etc) on your mobile phone for 24-hours.
Upload file (mp3,amr,wav,avi,mp4,3gp,jar,six,nth,zip,rar,jpeg,jpg,png,gif,bmp,xpi,exe,msi,etc).Uploaded adult and porn file immediatcly deleted.
Never give your username and password to anyone.Do not give your phone number,home address or email address and please don't include postal addresses of any kind.Faking your personal information (age,sex,location etc...) just to gain access to hidden forums and other content in here could result in you being banned or getting a warning at least,post containing slang,racism,spamming,flooding Or hacking information will be deleted immediately and the posters will get warned and banned. As a member of 'mobile-sky' you will recevie emails or registration,forget passwords etc.
Please send any kind of abuse reports vai email to:
A gain the most important rule is to have fun here and enjoy your stay ;)
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